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Our history dates to the early 1900s and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the United States. In 1927, our church roots were established in Louisville Kentucky with tent meetings at 27th and Northwestern Parkway. In these past ninety-plus years there have been several moves and in the 1980s we located to our current facility.


We are nondenominational, with sister assemblies throughout the world. We believe in being led by God’s spirit in our worship services and allowing that to minister to an individual’s needs. We believe there is a work to be done in this last day and are working towards a restoration that prepares a latter rain church in this Gentile age.


Specifically, we are striving to build a 1st-century church in a 21st-century world, with Jesus Christ as the head. It is our conviction that the early church fell away and must be restored back to its purity in terms of doctrine, order, and operation. Due to this core belief, we are vigorous in our biblically based and expressed statements regarding our faith.

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